About Us

Corporate Structure

The Italconsult Group is a unique shareholder that provides solidity, as well as technical and financial reliability to clients throughout the world. This is indispensable to the diffusion abroad of the Italian excellence in the engineering sector.

Boswell Engineering is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italconsult USA. Boswell’s corporate structure is comprised of a Top Executive Team who provide the leadership in support of the company’s professional and technical staff operating in the United States and internationally at Italconsult S.p.A. offices throughout the world.


Board of Directors

Professor Antonio Bevilacqua

Dr. Stephen T. Boswell, P.E.
Vice Chairman

Gianfranco Bevilacqua
Board Member / Vice President – Strategic Planning

Executive Team

Kevin J. Boswell, P.E.
President / Chief Executive Officer

John E. Cassetta
Senior Vice President

Paul W. Ferriero, P.E.
Vice President – Municipal Services

Frank J. Masella, P.E.
Vice President – Boswell Power and Energy Inspection 

Christopher J. Nash, P.E.
Vice President – Transportation

Peter Pannucci, Jr., P.E.
Vice President– Boswell Engineering Construction Inspection

Joseph A. Pomante, P.E.
Vice President – Technical Divisions

Bruce Rockwell, P.E.
Vice President – Boswell Power and Energy Design

Peter C. Ten Kate, P.E.
Vice President – Corporate Affairs

Michael P. Anderson, P.E.
New York State Regional Director

Giovanni Mondello
Italconsult Technical Manager, Italy

Peter Pedalino
Chief Financial Officer

Brian J. Rypkema, Esq.
General Counsel