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ItalConsult Projects

As one of Europe’s leading engineering firms, ItalConsult has developed an organization geared to cover all aspects of engineering and construction. We are capable of handling the most complex engineering projects and offer a complete range of quality services.

In more than fifty years of engineering and consulting activity, the Company has acquired extensive experience in airport and port engineering by covering a variety of projects in Africa, the Middle East, Central America and Italy. These include surveys of airport and port infrastructure facilities, comprehensive feasibility studies, planning studies, engineering design and construction supervision.

Our approach makes it possible to implement, within rigorously scheduled periods of time, any type of project within the general framework of an integrated transportation system or to carry out the final design of an airport or seaport as a whole. The most advanced techniques are employed in the execution of all phases of the projects.

In carrying out its assignments, our Company has succeeded in forming a team of experts whose abilities have been thoroughly proven under diverse environmental conditions and who are well qualified to cope with all aspects of integral port and airport construction and/or design.


Our services have involved more than 60 airports around the world, including the final design of Santa Cruz International Airport in Bolivia, the final design and construction supervision of Sebha International Airport in Libya, and the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

The most notable port projects carried out by Italconsult include: the final design of the Improvement and Upgrading of Haina Port (Dominican Republic); the Kirsa New Fishing Harbour (Libya); the final design and construction supervision of the Commercial Port of Gabes (Tunisy); and, the Technical Assistance provided for the Functional Improvement and Expansion of Civitavecchia Port in Italy.

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