Supervision and Supporting Activities to Site “A” of ENI Southern District (DIME)

Project information

Management & Coordination
Site Supervision Activitites
Health Safety & Environmental Services on-site
Commissioning Services
Viggiano – Potenza, Basilicata
ENI S.p.A.
Completion date:
Project Area:
18 Hectares (COVA – Oil Plant Val d’Agri)
48.000 Hectars (Total Wells Area)
Daily Processing Capacity:
80.000 barrels

A development strategy for the exploitation of the Val D’Agri Field
was the basis for building the oil & gas treatment plant, called
“Centro Olio Val d’Agri”, and is considered an extension of the already
existing Monte Alpi Oil Centre.
The Val D’Agri Oil Centre is located in the industrial zone of Viggiano
(Potenza) at about 2,5 km south of the village.
The Val D’Agri Oil Centre was built in two (2) phases:
In phase 1, two (2) oil & gas treatment trains were installed. Both trains
have the same capacity of 3.000 m3/d of oil and 600.000 Sm3/d of
gas each.
Phase 2 was subdivided, into 2 phases: 2A and 2B in which a third
and fourth train were built, respectively.
The third train has the same characteristics as the first two trains,
while the fourth has a double capacity (6.000 m3/d of oil and
1.200.000 Sm3/d of gas).
The Utilities were designed to be common for all four trains; they are
partially integrated with the existing facilities of the Monte Alpi Oil
Centre. The Val D’Agri Oil Centre was built to increase the production
of the existing Monte Alpi Oil Centre and to exploit all reservoirs and
field concessions.
The scope of the plant is to produce stabilized oil, treated gas and
liquid sulphur. The oil is sent by means of a 20” pipeline, 136 km
long, to Taranto Refinery.