Supervision and Supporting Activities to Site “C” of ENI Southern District (DIME)

Project information

Project Management Consulting
Construction Supervision
Technical Assistance
Supporting Staff Activities
Crotone & Hera Lacinia – Crotone, Calabria
Site “C” of ENI Southern District
ENI S.p.A.
Completion date:

Scope of works:
Supervision for the realization of civil works, mechanical and electroinstrumental,
assembly of the new Well Areas and/or modification
of the existing ones, laying of pipes/backbone links between Wells
and Plants, activities and works at Plants, Construction Supervision
and Environmental Settlement of vegetation of Well Areas Networks.
ITC will be in charge of the Coordination, Planning and Management
of site staff, Cost Control, Commissioning, Health, Safety &
Environmental Services.
Project Area:
35.000 Sqm (Crotone Gas Plant)
25.000 Sqm (Hera Lacinia Gas Plant)
Daily Processing Capacity:
1.600.000 cubic meters (Crotone Gas Plant)
20.000 cubic meters (Hera Lacinia Gas Plant)
Number of Offshore Gas Plant:
6 linked to Crotone Gas Plant
Number of Wells:
30 Drilled (Crotone Gas Plant – Onshore & Offshore)
8 Drilled (Hera Lacinia Gas Plant – Onshore)
ITC Team is composed of 120 units,
divided in central Head Office and Site personnel