McDanold's Brook Flood Control & Park Restoration

McDanold's Brook

Project information

  • Location: City of Passaic, New Jersey

  • Client: - City of Passaic

  • Disciplines: - Site/Civil Engineering; Structural Engineering; Environmental & Regulatory Compliance; Construction Management/Inspection

McDanold’s Brook is a natural stream which originates in the City of Clifton extends through the City of Passaic and ultimately discharges into the Passaic River. This waterway is a catchment for storm drainage which flows into combined storm/sewer lines running adjacent to the Brook. Discharge from faulty drainage/sewer lines resulted in stormwater and raw sewage emitting into the waterway.

The McDanold’s Brook project consisted of the restoration of Veterans Memorial Park and provided flood control measures to alleviate this tributary’s chronic flooding. The improvements to this 54-acre park, which is the largest patch of green space in the City of Passaic, now provides active and passive recreation amenities and contributes significantly to the quality of life while addressing the City’s need for open space in this urban community. The augmentation of the Park Improvements and Flood Control measures involved: the widening and realignment of portions of the existing Brook channel; dredging of Hughes Lake; sanitary sewer improvements; demolition of three (3) obsolete pedestrian bridges; construction of a new pedestrian and a vehicular bridge; building a lakeside floating dock; upgrades to the playground and spray pad; walking paths; a gazebo; and other Park amenities and beautification including the planting of native trees.

This $5.4 Million project has dramatically reduced the frequency/intensity of flooding, eliminated the flow of effluent into the waterway and together with the park’s restoration is attributed to the rebirth of Veterans Memorial Park as a pristine and serene community recreation area. Funding for this project was received from various Federal, State and County programs – HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG); NJDEP Green Acres; Passaic County Open Space and Park Improvement Trust Fund; and a NJDEP Dredging Grant.