Hirschfeld Brook Flood Control

Hirschfeld Brook Before
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Project Information

  • Location: New Milford, NJ

  • Client: Borough of New Milford

  • Disciplines: Design, Regulatory Permitting, Construction Inspection

The design of this flood control project was based on a preliminary study of the entire reach of the Hirschfeld Brook. The study determined the widening of approximately 650 l.f. of the channel was necessary in order to restore this portion of the brook to its original dimensions. Historically the Hirschfeld Brook maintained a uniform width of 30' through this section of the Borough. However, due to bank erosion and the installation of concrete slab retaining walls, the area was reduced in width by12' to 20'. The narrowing of the channel through this portion of the brook created flooding during seasonal storm events and increased water surface elevations upstream. The channel widening was designed to create the least possible disturbance to the environment while achieving the necessity to dramatically reduce the occurrence of severe flooding in this area. The use of structural walls allowed the channel to be widened as necessary and required only minor grading and disturbance to the surrounding area. The minimization of disturbances to nearby properties was an essential step toward obtaining consent from each homeowner along the affected portion of the regulated watercourse. The selected design utilized a combination of natural rubble and poured concrete walls to properly support the embankment. The use of natural stone was preferred over poured concrete since it utilizes materials that are found in natural streamside environments.

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