Sussex Turnpike Improvements

Sussex Turnpike
Sussex Turnpike
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Project Information

  • Location: Randolph, New Jersey

  • Client: New Jersey Department of Transportation

  • Disciplines: Roadway Design, Traffic Studies, Stormwater Management, Regulatory Permitting

This project, funded by the NJDOT, involved the intersection improvements and road widening activities at four (4) intersections along Sussex Turnpike. The former roadway design was not adequate to properly accommodate the current volume of traffic present during peak hours. The objective of the project was to alleviate current traffic congestion and increase driver safety along Sussex Turnpike. The intersection improvements consisted of the following:

• Dover Chester Road Intersection- Creation of four (4) left turn lanes at each approach to this intersection to alleviate traffic congestion and improve driver safety.

• Calais Road Intersection- The Calais Road intersection improvements included the addition of one (1) left turn lane at the terminus of Calais Road and one (1) left turn lane along the westbound lane of Sussex Turnpike.

• Millbrook Avenue Intersection- The improvements at this intersection included the widening of Millbrook Avenue to accommodate one (1) left turn lane and the addition of two (2) lanes (one in each direction) along Sussex Turnpike, making this portion of the roadway a four (4) lane thoroughfare. The activities also included minor drainage improvements.

• West Hanover Intersection- The improvements at this intersection included the realignment of West Hanover Avenue to create a four (4) way intersection and the installation of one (1) left turn lane at the terminus of West Hanover Avenue and Brookside Road. In addition, new detention basins were constructed within the existing right-of-way along West Hanover Avenue.

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