Port Liberte Bulkhead Reconstruction

Port Liberte
Port Liberte
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Project Information

  • Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Client: - Port Liberte Homeowners Association

  • Disciplines: - Structural Design, Regulatory Permitting/Compliance, Construction Management

Boswell prepared a comprehensive design for the reconstruction of a damaged bulkhead and a portion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in the City of Jersey City. The 1,391 linear foot section of Port Liberté’s easternmost bulkhead and waterfront walkway were destroyed beyond repair by Superstorm Sandy, increasing recurring flood risk to nearby homeowners and creating safety concerns. The restoration of the collapsed bulkhead prevented water from entering the site during periods of high tide, while restoring the structural integrity of the property.

The bulkhead reconstruction project was designed utilizing new AZ36 steel sheeting, with wood pile caps and aluminum pipe railing, within the same footprint as the previously existing failed bulkhead to minimize environmental disturbances. The project also included the restoration of the decking and lighting along the severely damaged Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, which had been closed to the public in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

The primary objectives of the project were to achieve the following :

• Restore the Port Liberté Bulkhead. The structural integrity of the surrounding properties had been compromised when the bulkhead failed during Superstorm Sandy. This caused an exponential increase in property damage due to flooding by what should have only been minor storms.

• Restore the existing waterfront. The waterfront had presently been revitalized in several key areas, and will continue to progress using methods consistent with the New Jersey Office of Smart Growth.

• Re-establish the public’s right of access. The destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy resulted in the closing of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, which since has been re-opened to the public.

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