Garden State Parkway Interchange 151

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Project Information

  • Location: Bloomfield, New Jersey

  • Client: New Jersey Turnpike Authority

  • Disciplines: Traffic Engineering, Stormwater Design, Regulatory Permitting

Boswell provided traffic engineering, stormwater design and regulatory permitting services as a sub-consultant to TranSystems for the replacement of two (2) bridges on Watchung Avenue. The bridges were located above the northbound and southbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway at Exit 151. The former structures required full replacement in order to ensure the safety of the traveling public with current traffic standards. The bridge replacement consisted of a single-structure two (2) span bridge. The main objectives of the project were as follows:

• Widen the Existing Traffic Lanes - The proposed bridge (measuring 40’ in width) was widened to provide motorists with safe passage along this section of Watchung Avenue.

• Promote Pedestrian Safety - The newly designed structures provide adequately sized traffic lanes and increased maneuverability to minimize potential harm to pedestrians. Furthermore, the bridge contains a 30” concrete parapet with a 6’ 3” chain link fence.

• Minimize Environmental Impacts - In an effort to minimize environmental disturbances on-site, all activities within the 50-foot riparian zone of the Third River were eliminated, removing the project limits from the jurisdiction of the Flood Hazard Area Rules. Furthermore, the disturbances in the vicinity of the Historic Morris Canal were restricted to the existing footprint of development, ensuring that this historic feature remained unaffected.

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