Garden State Parkway Roadway Resurfacing

Project information

  • Location: GSP - MP 105 to 126

  • Client: New Jersey Turnpike Authority

  • Services: Construction Engineering and Construction Supervision

This Project consisted of pavement removal and resurfacing utilizing Warm Mix Asphalt Surface Course Pavement and Asphalt Rubber Open Graded Friction Course (AR-OGFC) along the Garden State Parkway (GSP) mainline, toll plaza, ramps, and interchanges. The mainline roadway location was from MP 125.3 to MP 104.5 along the GSP SB Inner roadway and MP 125.6 to MP 122.89, MP 118.4 to MP 115.8, MP 115.2 to MP 114.2, MP 109.3 to MP 104.5 along the GSP SB Outer roadway. Also, during the resurfacing contract, the following toll plaza and interchange ramps were completed: Interchage 142, 127, 124, 123, 121, 120, 118, 117, 116, 105, and Cheesequake service area SB Entrance ramp. The contract also included resurfacing with AR-OGFC along the GSP SB Inner/Outer roadways from MP125.3 to MP 122.89 and GSP SB Outer roadway from MP 118.4 to MP 117. Due to the areas of work, extensive maintenance and protection of traffic was required.

In addition, there was a Change of Plan (COP) issued to this contract. The GSP NB Inner/Outer roadways from MP 127.8 to MP 128.75 were resurfaced with Warm Mix Asphalt Surface Course Pavement. Furthermore, with the combination of the original contract work and added COP, the complexity of the contract increased over its duration. Coordination of roadway closures and various asphalt plants were crucial during the resurfacing of the roadway. Due to the distance between work zones and contract limits, many challenges and obstacles were overcome for the contract to be a success.

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