Asset Management/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Asset Management/Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Project information

  • Location: Statewide

  • Client:
    Various Public Agencies & Authorities

  • Disciplines: Environmental Engineering; GIS; Survey

Boswell Engineering’s GIS team has established comprehensive asset inventories for a broad range of governmental agencies. The creation of each individual database is customized to meet the specific client needs, from reducing operation and maintenance costs to monitoring critical infrastructure. Boswell’s strong presence in the public sector has provided the opportunity to complete large-scale mapping and databases for a variety of projects from municipal infrastructure and locally managed water systems to regional utility authorities, e.g. the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission’s (PVSC), databases for its facility, and infrastructure and distribution systems, was part of an expansive effort involving forty-six communities. This type of collaboration emphasizes the benefit of digitizing traditional records (paper maps, maintenance reports, road program data, as-built drawings) into a managed map-based product that can be easily utilized on a daily basis.

Asset Management Planning is the most cost-effective solution to manage: aging infrastructure; insufficient revenues; expensive compliance; recurring emergency repairs and inaccurate geospatial data. In order to achieve effective asset management, the current state of assets must be assessed and a program put in place to prioritize investment. The greatest barrier to proactive infrastructure investment is a lack of accurate data. Boswell’s GIS/Asset Management capabilities provide our clients with the necessary tools and our extensive experience to better manage their assets by utilizing the most updated technological methods available.

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