Port Authority of NY & NJ
Materials Engineering Division

inspect repairs at Howland Hook Wharf
inspect repairs at Howland Hook Wharf
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Project information

  • Location: New York Harbor
  • Client: The Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • Services: Underwater Condition Surveys, Marine Construction Inspections, Marine Borer Intrusion Surveys

Boswell Underwater Engineering (BUE) has been fulfilling the contracts for Waterfront Condition Surveys Technical Services on a “Call-In” Basis for the Materials Engineering Division of the Port Authority of NY & NJ since over 1989 on 20 successive term agreements and has developed an excellent reputation for providing reliable and high-quality services during this time period. Over this time period BUE has worked effectively and expediently on more than 400 projects for the PANY & NJ, many of them concurrent and often requiring the fielding of four (4) inspection dive teams during a single workday. More than 125 of these projects involved quality assurance diving inspections during marine construction to assess the contractor’s compliance with contract documents. The majority of these projects involved condition surveys of numerous waterfront facilities such as piers, wharves, bulkheads, relieving platforms, and ferry terminals comprised of timber, steel, concrete and composite structural members. Several of these projects entailed both statistical random sampling and judgment sampling techniques to assess the full extent of biodeterioration caused by marine borer intrusion of timber structures. Core sampling techniques were used to assess the level of Teredo infestation (1989-Present).

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