Port Elizabeth Marine Terminal
Condition Survey of Berth Nos. 68 through 86

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Project information

  • Location: New Jersey Marine Terminal at Port Elizabeth, NJ

  • Client: The Port Authority of NY&NJ

  • Services: Condition Survey, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements, Timber Pile Sampling, Repair Recommendations

As part of its fifth consecutive 3-year contract for Expert Professional Services for Performance of Condition Surveys of Waterfront Facilities on a Call-In Basis for the Quality Assurance Division of the Port Authority of NY & NJ, BUE performed verification of all previous priority repair recommendations at Berths 68 through 86 at the Port Elizabeth Marine Terminal. BUE performed visual inspections on 100% of all structural and safety items.

A hands-on inspection was performed on 10% of the foundation piles, with levels of effort, including but not limited to, ultrasonic thickness measurements and probes throughout the Port Authority Marine Terminal at Elizabeth Berth Nos. 68 through 86. This inspection was performed in order to assess the condition of and recommend repairs for Berth Nos. 68 through 86, and also to update the status of all load restrictions and priority repair recommendations from the previous report.

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