About Us

Our History

In 1924, the late David C. Boswell recognized the need for engineering expertise in a world that was expanding and developing at a lightning-fast pace.  It was then, in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, that he founded Boswell Engineering.  His leadership provided the solid foundation upon which the company is built.

Family ownership continued, as both of David C. Boswell’s late sons –  Howard L. Boswell, Sr., and David J. Boswell – became the second generation to own and operate the firm, each making his unique contribution toward establishing Boswell as a full-service engineering company.  During the early 1980’s, upon his father’s death, the late Howard Boswell, Jr., embarked upon a new and exciting period in the history and growth of Boswell Engineering.  The company, continued its third generation of family ownership and management, headed by Dr. Stephen T. Boswell, together with his brothers Bruce and Kevin.  They continued to provide the leadership for expansion of the superb quality of service and high standards of excellence Boswell is known for in the engineering community.

Howard L. Boswell
former CEO and son of David C.
Boswell, founder of Boswell

The company’s legacy is further highlighted by Kristen A. Boswell, earning the unique distinction of becoming the first fourth-generation licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey (David C. Boswell, Howard L. Boswell, Stephen T. Boswell, and Kristen A. Boswell).

Through the company’s outstanding history of engineering accomplishments, from a two-man field office concentrating on surveying and civil engineering, to a multi-disciplinary national engineering firm providing the design and construction management of roadways and bridges, extensive water/wastewater treatment, sanitary and storm sewer projects, environmental sciences, and a specialized division performing marine/waterfront/underwater engineering and inspection  –  Boswell Engineering continues to play a major role in the future for federal, state, county and local governmental agencies, and private sector clients.

Boswell Engineering entered into a new chapter in April 2018, when the firm was acquired by Italconsult USA Corporation, a company with the international reach of Italconsult S.p.A., a global design, engineering, and architectural project management consultant with more than 1,600 employees on four (4) continents. Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italconsult USA provides even greater opportunities for Boswell Engineering to expand its services and client base in the U.S. and worldwide within Italconsult’s existing multi-national structure.

During this exciting new era, Boswell Engineering continues the company’s tradition of excellence under its present management structure and the leadership of its Chairman, Professor Antonio Bevilacqua, and Kevin J. Boswell, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Since its modest beginning in 1924, Boswell Engineering has evolved into a multi-disciplinary, highly qualified national firm committed to meeting its clients’ challenges and pioneer innovations that will improve the communities they serve, and sustain and improve our world through the 21st century.