MOSE Mobile Barrier for Defense of Venice from High Water

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Project information

Construction Supervision
Thetis S.p.A
Completion Date:

Venice is under serious threat due to the rise in sea level and sinking land at an alarming rate. The risk of an event representing a danger to the city is even greater.

MOSE (MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimental Electromechanical Module) is an integrated system, consisting of rows of mobile gates (78) installed at the Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia inlets, temporarily isolating the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea during high tides. Together with other measures, such as coastal reinforcement, the raising of quaysides, and the paving and improvement of the lagoon, MOSE is designed to protect Venice and the lagoon from tides of up to 3 meters.

The integration between the mobile barriers, the complementary works, and the raising up of the banks and pavements, defines a system of defense that is extremely efficient and functional, and not only guarantees the total defense from high waters, but also guarantees port activity, water quality, and the safeguarding of lagoon morphology. In particular, Studio Altieri was in charge for the work supervision at “bocca di Lido Tre Porti” and at “bocca di
malamocco.” At the Lido inlet, two rows of flap gates were located at the barriers. The barriers are separated by a new artificial island that houses the main technical buildings for the operation of the gates. At the Malamocco inlet, the project foresaw a navigation lock to
allow the transit of large ships and the construction of a new 1.3 km long seawall. Because of the peculiar context and the problem to solve, technologies used in this project are unique and never tested before in the word.  Therefore, this project required a significant effort in the study of the best solutions to be adopted.