ItalConsult Projects

Italconsult is able to provide strategic services such as:

  • General Master planning & Program aimed at assisting its Clients in the strategic investment choice long term, inspired by a global vision of problems and objectives, including any aspect of environmental, social and ethic development for the involved subjects;
  • Procurement Management aimed at assisting its Clients in the definition and management of tenders, evaluation of proposals, and assistance during the negotiation phases and process;
  • Project & Contract management aimed at planning and managing the activities and contractual issues in order to achieve the defined objectives, optimizing resources’ allocation;
  • Risk & Cost consulting aimed at the evaluation of the economic sustainability of projects in order to protect the interests of investors and managing the critical aspects which may arise during the realization phase;
  • Asset management aimed at estimate and a guarantee of the correct management of works after the realization, maximizing benefits both for customers and investors under the economic standpoint.

New Mestre Hospital

Al Jalila Children’s’ Specialty Hospital

Etlik Integrated Health Campus Hospital

Clinical Hospital Centre of Belgrade