Water / Wastewater / Stormwater

Integrated services

Environmental Engineering (Water / Wastewater/ Stormwater) services offered by Boswell range from projects involving water and wastewater supply, conveyance and treatment, to combined sewer overflow (CSO) projects. In addition this department excels in the securing of required permits.

Representative environmental projects include design and/or construction management of:
• Storm and Sanitary Sewers
• Secondary and Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Pumping Stations and Force Mains
• Combined Sewer Overflow Separation Projects
• Lead Water Main Replacement
• Stormwater Management
• Air Stripping Facilities for Potable Water
• Drainage Systems

Oradell Sanitary Sewer Improvements (Phase 1-4)

Hackensack Redevelopment Area (HRA) Storm Sewer Separation Project – Phase 1

NJEIT Infrastructure Improvements (North Bergen)

2013 Water System Improvements – Township of Mahwah

Garfield Water Works Rehabilitation

Wanaque Valley Regional Sewerage Authority Capital Improvement Project

Lower Main Pumping Station Improvements

New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Water System Improvements

Wastewater Conveyance System 30″ Force Main

Fort Lee Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Discharge Characterization Study