Ro-Ro Ship Platform in Fusina

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Project information

Final Design
Adria Infrastrutture
Completion Date:

The realization of a new terminal for ro-ro ships aims to improve the maritime transport system, according to the European and Italian planning, and to protect the City of Venice from the consequences of heavy shipping through the historical town. The Port of Venice has a long historical tradition and is a strategic trade crossroad. As the junction of European roads and railways and thanks to the proximity of trade routes to the Adriatic sea, South Italy, North Africa, East Europe, Siria, Giordania and the Middle East in general, the City is the ideal location for the new ship platform.

The ship traffic of the new terminal is expected to increase to 1,700 ships/year, with an average of 5 (five) ships per day. The road transport is estimated at 350,000 trucks/year; the rail transport will be 300 trains/year.

The docks will have a surface of approx. 8 ha; they could house four ships, 240 meters long, at the same time.  Characteristics: covered area 90,000 sqm, approx 40 ha, 8 ha for 4 ships of 240 meters.