Woodbury Mobility Improvments

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Project information

  • Location: Orange County, New York
  • Client: New York State Thruway Authority

  • Disciplines: Construction Engineering, Inspection

The Woodbury Toll Barrier, located on the Thruway mainline at milepost 45.03 in Orange County, is the southern gateway to the Thruway’s ticketed system and also served as the gateway to the Catskills and upstate New York. With approximately 16 million vehicles passing through annually, it is one of the busiest toll plazas on the Thruway System.

While the Authority worked to provide Highway Speed E-ZPass (65 mph) to its customers, traffic patterns within, and approaching, the Toll Plaza changed. For example, five (5) lanes of the Woodbury Toll Plaza were completely closed to traffic, during which time demolition of the existing lanes and reconstruction of the four (4) Highway Speed E-ZPass lanes took place.

Historically, on average, traffic has grown at a rate of 2.3 percent annually in the Woodbury area. Therefore, the introduction of Highway Speed E-ZPass lanes improved traffic flow through the barrier and benefit the majority of the travelers utilizing the barrier.

Ever-changing traffic volumes Thruway-wide necessitated the constant evaluation of the placement of cash and E-ZPass lanes within toll collection areas. When possible, additional dedicated E-ZPass lanes have been added; however, traffic demands at the existing Barriers continued to grow. Additionally, the Woodbury Barrier is within close proximity to Interchange 16 (Harriman), which places expansion constraints on the existing barrier and its ability to meet future traffic demands. Because of these constraints, the Authority has looked to advances in technology to provide the necessary innovative solutions.

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