James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant – Fish Deterrent System


Project information

  • Location: Oswego, NY

  • Client: Power Authority of the State of New York (PASNY)

  • Disciplines: Underwater Inspection, Underwater Installation/Removal

Underwater Replacement of Sound Projectors for the Fish Deterrent System (Sept. 1999 to present). The project is on-going and involves locating the intake structure to the James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant located in Oswego, NY, and installing the fish deterrent system’s projectors (IPAs). The IPAs are removed and re-installed each year, with installation occurring in the spring and removal occurring in the fall. A 3-man dive team operating from a 25-ft. boat and utilizing surface-supplied air with diver-to-surface communication is routinely used in carrying out this work twice each year. The IPA audio projection units serve the purpose of emitting sound waves that discourage fish from encroaching near the power plant intake located in Lake Ontario. This increases the safety and survival rate of the fish by preventing them from being pulled into the plant’s cooling intake.

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