Chelsea Pier 61 Substructure Investigation

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Project information

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Client: Thorton Tomasetti

  • Disciplines: Substructure Inspection, Marine Borer Survey, Laboratory Testing, Structural Assessment

BUE performed an inspection and structural assessment of the timber elements supporting the western end of Pier 61. Inspection services were performed in November and December of 2008, and lasted 10 days using a 3-man crew, consisting of engineer divers utilizing commercial hard hat diving gear with surface-supplied air and diver-to-surface communication.

The inspection included visual inspection of all timber elements, measuring diameters of all timber piles and estimating the biodeterioration caused by marine borer attack (Teredo). Twenty timber chunk samples and 53 increment core samples were retrieved. Laboratory testing of removed material samples was performed to evaluate for marine borer species, level of activity, rot, soundness, wood species and creosote retention.

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