Witco Chemical


Location: Newark, NJ
Scope of Services: Brownfield Site Restoration/Reclamation, Demolition Management
Client: Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

Boswell Engineering (Boswell) received a Distinguished Award by the Consulting Engineers Council of New Jersey (CECNJ) for its Brownfield Site Restoration/Reclamation project performed on behalf of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners (PVSC).

This project consisted of design, bidding assistance and full-time construction management services for the remediation/demolition of a 100-year old former fatty acid manufacturing plant located adjacent to the PVSC facility in Newark.  Prior to the acquisition of this 17- acre site by the PVSC, Boswell assisted in expediting the property transaction by reviewing and reporting on previous environmental investigations performed by the former owner under New Jersey’s Industrial Site Recovery Act.

Prior to demolition, all hazardous materials including high-intensity discharge lights, mercury switches and gauges, PCB-containing capacitors, lead acid batteries and approximately 450 tons of asbestos containing materials were identified, removed and disposed of in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.  In addition, approximately 255 tons of non-hazardous fatty acid residual waste found in storage tanks and process vessels, and 140 tons of fatty acid residual waste discovered beneath building slabs were removed and properly disposed.  Boswell also assisted in the recycling of approximately 20 blasting caps used in the fire supression system.  These items were returned to the manufacturer at no charge to the PVSC.

Boswell successfully completed the restoration and reclamation of this Brownfield site on schedule and under budget.  The former decaying Witco Chemical site is now prepared for future development and/or plant expansion by the PVSC.