Wastewater Conveyance System 30″ Force Main


Location: Township of North Bergen/City of Jersey City, NJ
Scope of Services: Design, Construction Administration, Regulatory Permitting
Client: North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority

In order to transport wastewater from North Bergen’s Central Treatment Plant to the Northwest Interceptor in Jersey City, a 30” force main was installed parallel to the New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad (NYS&W). The 30” high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) is located on the western side of the NYS&W and crosses beneath several sets of railroad sidings and ditches/swales.

The sanitary force main located along the eastern boundary of the eastern boundary of the Hackensack Meadowlands District (HMD), extends approximately 3.89 miles (North Bergen to Jersey City). This wastewater line carries approximately eight (8) million gallons of sewage per day to the 54” Interceptor line in Jersey City. Although the effluent was originally treated at the Central Treatment Plant, Boswell demonstrated a significant annual cost savings associated with the construction of the force main and elimination of this plant.

The force main was installed along an existing railroad, which transects several highly industrialized urban areas. This portion of North Bergen marks the eastern boundary line of the HMD, which contains one of the largest contiguous blocks of open space in the highly developed surrounding area. The construction phase activities required the disturbance of tidal freshwater wetland systems and regulated tributaries at various locations. These emergent wetlands act as a buffer area to the more critically sensitive habitats within the Meadowlands to the west.

The project required coordination with all applicable environmental regulatory agencies throughout the design/build process to ensure the timely completion of the sanitary force main. Boswell’s Environmental Division was responsible for the delineation of all wetlands and the acquisition of local, State and Federal permits and approvals, i.e. ACOE Individual Permit, NJMC Zoning Certificate, NJDEP Waterfront Development and negotiations with the ACOE Mitigation Unit. A primary concern involved an existing wetland system which has been previously selected for mitigation as a wetland enhancement area. Boswell worked closely with the ACOE to ensure this area would remain a viable mitigation site following installation of the force main.