Garfield Water Works Rehabilitation


Location: Garfield, NJ
Scope of Services: Design, Construction Administration, Permitting
Client: City of Garfield

The project entailed the replacement of three (3) existing water storage tanks due to deterioration of the existing structures. The new 1.2 MG Belmont Hill Tank enhanced pressure throughout the City. Boswell also prepared the engineering study, permit application and design of a new booster pumping station and 0.4 MG water storage tank to replace the existing facilities, which were at the end of its useful life. The new facilities optimized use of the existing wells and minimized bulk purchase of water. The project include the installation and implementation of a system-wide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) instrumentation system, which eliminated 24-hour manned controls. The project was funded under the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Fund. The estimated construction cost of this project was $6.0 million.